All new clients seeking services at Queen West in our medical clinic, counselling and case management support must use our intake process. This process helps us gather more information about you and the services you may be interested in, and to determine eligibility. This process provides new clients one point of access to assessment and referral to the most appropriate internal and/or external health care services. Intake eligibility can be determined over the phone or in person.

Free language interpretation services are provided for those needing this support.

Intake process is designed to provide:

  • Convenient and easy to access
  • Priority for those facing the greatest barriers to accessing health care
  • Look at the full range of needs for those seeking services
  • Quick response
  • Responsive expertise and support

Steps for Intake:

  • A screening and assessment process to gather and verify information about an individual’s or family’s eligibility, service needs, and needs priority
  • Provide information about Queen West services as well as other services in the community
  • Offers a process for referral to the most appropriate internal services and/or external agencies/services
  • Offers processes to manage or respond to crisis counselling supports and/or other urgent services

Intake Guiding Principles:

  • Accessibility
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Timeliness of Response
  • Clinical and personal expertise and support

Intake process for new clients includes:

  • Criteria for intake is determined by the following questions:
    • Where individual/family is living? ( meet catchment requirements)
    • What is their housing situation? (identify if homeless; transitional or unstable housing; shelter; street involved etc. to determine priority status)
    • Is the individual part of the Centre’s priority populations? (homeless, under-house, immigrant or refugee, low-income, living with mental health or substance use issues)

    These questions are to be used to determine if the individual is one of the priority groups or lives within the catchment area of CTCHC.

    The Centre accepts clients who do not fit the priority populations however you may need to wait for 3-4 weeks for service.

  • The Intake Worker will ask questions as outlined in the Intake Form and ask other relevant questions to better assess the needs and eligibility of clients for service.
  • Download the Intake Form
  • Based on this screening, the Intake Worker will refer the client to most appropriate service.
  • A client health record will be set up and the client is registered as a client of Queen West.
  • A client will receive an appointment with a primary care provider and/or a referral to counselling or case management services will be made.

What if I don’t have OHIP?

The Centre provides services to individuals and families who are not insured. However, please note that services are not available to individuals in Canada on Visitor’s VISA or a Student VISA.

Wait Time for Service

Although most of our programs and services can be accessed almost immediately, for some services there is wait time. To become a patient of our Health Clinic, there is usually a wait time of up to 9 days for your first appointment. For counselling supports there can be a wait time between 3-4 weeks.