To be effective, today’s boards must be comprised of people with the necessary knowledge, ability and commitment to fulfill their responsibilities. It is important board members understand their purposes and whose interests they represent and understand the values, objectives and strategies of the organization. Board members must take the responsibility to obtain and know the information they require to support good decision-making. And finally each member of a governing board must be prepared to act to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met, that performance is satisfactory, and that they fulfill their accountability obligations to those whose interests they represent.

To assess how effective the Board is we conduct an annual self-assessment of our work to ensure that:

  1. Board members are oriented to their roles and responsibilities
  2. Evaluate their work on an annual basis and use the information received to improve their work
  3. That Board development and growth opportunities are available and meet the needs of the current Board of Directors


  1. On an annual basis the Board of Directors will assign an ad hoc Board of Director’s Committee to review the Board of Director’s evaluation survey and direct the Executive Director to send it out
  2. Once the Board members have completed the evaluation survey, the committee will review the results, provide a summary report to the Board of Directors including recommendations for changes to improve Board performance
  3. The summary and recommendations will be presented to the Board of Directors for review, approval and implementation.