We offer psychiatric services to registered clients who are age 16 and over. Clients must be referred by an internal clinical or counselling provider at the Centre in order to receive care from a psychiatrist, psychiatry resident and/or a mental health clinician.

We aim to:

  • Provide access to essential psychiatric consultation, diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Provide recommendations to medical providers regarding medication
  • Provide follow up regarding ongoing treatment of clients

Psychiatric Services are also offered to homeless adults and youth:

  • A psychiatrist is available once a week to offer appointments with homeless adults living with mental health challenges, and offer consultations to a client’s care team when required
  • A psychiatrist is available biweekly to offer appointments to homeless youth living with mental health challenges

If you are a client with Queen West, and require a psychiatric assessment, speak to your doctor, nurse or counsellor who will arrange an appointment.