Our Diabetes Education Program provides a comprehensive approach and support to individuals living in the Queen West CTCHC catchment area who are living with:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Prediabetes
  • Are at risk for diabetes

We are a team of Certified Diabetes Educators (Registered Nurse and Registered Dietitian), who provide one-on-one appointments, education sessions, and support groups to help clients navigate healthy lifestyle behaviours, prevent or learn to self-manage diabetes, reduce their risk for developing complications and maintain a high quality of life.


  • Diabetes Support Group:
    In this program, held every 3rd Wednesday of the month, participants build knowledge, self-management skills, and support from each other in their diabetes care.
  • Healthy Cooking on a Budget:
    In this 5-week workshop, run three times a year, participants learn through a cooking demonstration, held by a health & wellness chef, how to cook great tasting meals that are healthy and budget-friendly.
  • Diabetes 101: Just the Basics for a Healthy Lifestyle
    During this group information session facilitated by our diabetes team, participants learn about the basics of diabetes management including the functional changes associated with diabetes, acute and chronic complications, and healthy eating guidelines.
  • Fit 4 Life Physical Activity Program
    Held every Monday at 10:00AM, join us in our physical activity class, which can help improve health at any age and stage of life.  We offer a variety of activities, including light aerobics, Nordixx pole walking, dancing and more.
  • Diabetes Mobile Clinic: Diabetes Screening, Workshops, and One-on-One Counselling
    The Diabetes Education Program is available to facilitate diabetes screening using the CANRISK questionnaire to screen for an individual’s risk for developing diabetes.  We also provided diabetes education workshops and appointments in Primary Care and Medical Centres, pharmacies, and agencies within our community.  Please call us for more information.

All programs offered are free of charge.

We provide interpreters to attend groups and individual appointments to anyone who requires translation, FREE of charge.

To book an appointment or participate in our group workshops, we accept referrals from health care providers, Allied Health Professionals, and self-referrals.   Please complete the referral form at (http://www.torontodiabetesreferral.com/)

If you’re not located in our catchment area, you may view a list of Diabetes Education Programs in the GTA to find one that is closest to you. In order to participate in a Diabetes Education Program in the GTA, you must fill out a referral form.

For more information, please call (416) 703-8482 ext. 2106 or stop by to make an appointment with the Diabetes Nurse Educator and/or Diabetes Dietitian.