Parkdale Queen West CHC supports Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) collaboration with the City of Toronto on the Toronto For All Campaign: Challenging Perspectives on Transphobia. Black CAP’s version of the campaign is focused on racialized trans youth and was created to provide visibility to trans youth of colour as well as help inform work to address gaps in youth service provision and create opportunities for meaningful discussions about transphobia and gender diversity/inclusion.




My body does not define my gender. #Trans youth of colour are part of Toronto. #Transphobia is not. #RedefiningGender #TorontoForAll





Understand that #trans issues are real and NOT imagined #RedefiningGender #TorontoForAll




You have the right to be called by your name and pronoun in all settings #RedefiningGender #TorontoForAll



Use language that foster inclusion and respects #trans people’s gender identity #RedefiningGender #TorontoForAll

The campaign runs June 19 – July 16, 2017. Visit